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  • Short Radius Elbow
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    Short Radius Elbow

    Short Radius Elbow(SR Elbow) The Short radius elbow means the bending radius of elbow is 1.0 time to the diameter of the elbow.Because of the short bending radius, the elbow length is shorter, the cost and price is lower.Commonly the SR elbows degree is 90° elbow and 180°...Read More
  • Long Radius Elbow
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    Long Radius Elbow

    Long Radius Elbow(LR Elbow) The Long radius elbow means the bending radius of elbow is 1.5 times to the diameter of the elbow.1.5D long radius elbows are the most popular elbows in the projects.Usually the LR elbows degree is 45°,90°and 180°. Standard: ASME/ANSI...Read More
  • Reducing Tee
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    Reducing Tee

    Reducing tee|Unequal tee A Reducing Tee is also called “unequal tee“,which means the tee branch pipe diameter is not same with the run pipe of the tee.Commonly, in a reducing tee,the branch pipe diameter is smaller than the running pipe.But there are also some project the...Read More
  • Equal Tee
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    Equal Tee

    Equal tee When we call a steel tee “equal tee”,means the branch diameter of this tee is same with the main pipe (Run pipe) diameter of this tee.When we see only one size of tee in its description,it means this tee is the equal tee.For example, 4″ Tee mean the tee main pipe...Read More
  • Lateral Pipe Tee
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    Lateral Pipe Tee

    Lateral Pipe Tee A Lateral pipe tee means a pipe fitting which is similar to a tee but has a side opening outlet branch at a 45 degree angle.It is a kind of steel pipe tee,but the branch direction is different with the straight tee.On the contrary to the lateral tee,the...Read More
  • Straight Tee
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    Straight Tee

    Straight Tee A straight tee means a tee of pipe fitting which the branch outlet has a 90 degree direction turning from the main pipe of the tee.Commonly people consider the straight tee as the equal tee,it is a mistake.Equal tee means a same sizes of the branch and main pipe...Read More
  • Barred Tee
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    Barred Tee

    Barred Tee What is a Barred Tee? Barred Tee is a pipe fitting that is used in a pig launcher or receiver system in a piping system to ensure the pig could pass the branch safely. Material: Carbon steel,Alloy steel,Stainless steel . Size: Dn100-DN1200 Specification:...Read More
  • Eccentric Reducer
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    Eccentric Reducer

    Eccentric reducer (Ecc reducer) The eccentric reducer is another kind of reducer which is different from the concentric reducer.As we know,the concentric reducer has two ends in same centerline,the two ends of eccentric reducer have one side in same level.So the shape of the...Read More
  • Concentric Reducer
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    Concentric Reducer

    Concentric reducer (Con reducer) As we known about the pipe fittings,the pipe reducer is used to connect two pipes of different diameters.The pipe reducers are divided into two types: concentric reducer(Con reducer) and eccentric reducer(Ecc reducer). When a con reducer...Read More
  • Pipe End Cap
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    Pipe End Cap

    Pipe Cap/Pipe End Cap Pipe cap is the pipe fitting which designed to be the ends of a piping,its shape looks like a cap of people, so it get the name of pipe cap,In the butt welding pipe fittings range, the steel pipe cap is welded with the pipes directly to block off the...Read More
  • Thread Both Ends Nipple
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    Thread Both Ends Nipple

    TBE Pipe Nipple,Thread Both Ends Nipple A TBE pipe nipple is a nipple of thread both ends,it means this nipple has two male threaded ends,it can connect with two pipes or fittings with female thread ends.It is the most common used pipe nipple in the industry piping...Read More
  • Thread on End Pipe Nipple
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    Thread on End Pipe Nipple

    TOE Pipe Nipple,Thread On End Pipe Nipple A TOE pipe nipple is a nipple of thread one end,it means this pipe nipple has a male thread on only one end, the other end commonly should be plain end or bevel end.Sometimes it is called half pipe nipple.This TOE pipe nipple can be...Read More