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  • Carbon Steel Pipe Elbow
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    Carbon Steel Pipe Elbow

    Material Standard ASME B16.9, ANSI B16.9, ASTM , JISB2312,DIN,BS, GBT12459-05, GB13401-05,GOST ASME B16.9-2007,MSS SP 43-1991,MSS SP-75,ASTM B363 Size1/2"-96" DN15-DN2400Wall thickness Sch5S, Sch10S, Sch40S, Sch80S...
  • Elbows in Any Degree
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    Elbows in Any Degree

    Elbows in any degree As we known in the pipe fitting and elbow standard,the butt welding elbows commonly are 45°,90°,180°. But in the projects,sometimes the engineer or designer may use the elbows which degree are not the standard degree,such as 60°,70°or others.With such...
  • 180 Degree Elbow
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    180 Degree Elbow

    180 Degree Elbow(return elbow) 180 degree elbow is like 45 or 90 degree elbow,but the flow direction change is 180 degree.It looks like the flow fluid get back to the same direction from the joint. The shape is like two 90 degree elbows welded together.It is also called “U...
  • 45 Degree Elbow
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    45 Degree Elbow

    45 Degree Elbow A 45 degree elbow is the elbow which can change the flow direction in a 45 degree . As a joint, it is used between the two pipes which has this right angle. In the field of butt welding steel elbows, it looks like a half of the 90 degree elbow.Commonly,the 90...
  • 90 Degree Elbow
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    90 Degree Elbow

    90 Degree Elbow A 90 degree elbow is a pipe fitting which you can used to change the flow direction in a 90 degree.It is also called “90 bend” or “quarter bend”. As a joint between two pipes,the 90 degree elbows are also used as a railing ends or corners on a level...
  • Customized Radius Elbow
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    Customized Radius Elbow

    Customized Radius Elbow The customized radius elbow means that the bending radius of elbow is not standard 1 time or 1.5 times to the diameter of the elbows . The clients can choose any bending radius as per their project request . Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9, MSS-SP-75, DIN...
  • Short Radius Elbow
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    Short Radius Elbow

    Short Radius Elbow(SR Elbow) The Short radius elbow means the bending radius of elbow is 1.0 time to the diameter of the elbow.Because of the short bending radius, the elbow length is shorter, the cost and price is lower.Commonly the SR elbows degree is 90° elbow and 180°...
  • Long Radius Elbow
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    Long Radius Elbow

    Long Radius Elbow(LR Elbow) The Long radius elbow means the bending radius of elbow is 1.5 times to the diameter of the elbow.1.5D long radius elbows are the most popular elbows in the projects.Usually the LR elbows degree is 45°,90°and 180°. Standard: ASME/ANSI...
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